Making Our World Greener Award 2014

Making Our World Greener Award 2014

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Sponsored by NTR Foundation

Pictured above is Lorcan, Cian and Jack with Natalie Hodgess receiving funding from the YSI Den in 2014

This project, Greener Globe, is concerned with energy and water consumption and aims to enhance people’s knowledge on their usage. The group was motivated by a desire to make a difference in this area to help protect vital resources for future generations.
This YSI team chose to focus on energy and water wastage in both homes and farms. This is a huge problem experienced worldwide so the team decided to tackle 3 different concerns – spending too much time in the shower, water leaks on farms and keeping track of the daily energy consumption in a household.
Having carried out research, the group discovered that people are generally spending too much time in the shower and are not keeping track of how much electricity they are consuming. The group’s innovative response to this was to design and make a prototype shower that contains an LED light and timer function. The shower begins with a green light, after five minutes in shower the light will go orange, this is highlighting you need to start getting ready to finish up and after 7 minutes it would go red.  In an effort to make people more aware of their household electricity usage the team came up with the idea of a photo of a weekly meter reading being sent to an icloud account rather than relying on the much less frequent bills. They also designed a leak detection system for farms to stop large leaks going unnoticed for long periods of time, which can waste water, energy and money.


The group have been educating primary and secondary school students in their area about the environmental impact of wasting water and electricity and have encouraged many people across their community to start thinking wisely when it comes to water and electricity efficiency.


They presented their project at Macra na Feirme meetings, Vodafone Ireland head office and have had lots of coverage in regional press. The team also worked with a variety of partners, including IPL, Macra na Feirme, AIT, Design Hub, The ESB and Airtricity.
They have already begun installing leak detection systems into farms, with very positive feedback and are taking steps to bring their energy saving shower head and meter readers from prototypes to reality. Their project will be sustained for the foreseeable future in an effort to continue to making their community greener in a sustainable manner.
In 2014, the ‘Greener Globe’ project won the Young Social Innovators of the Year Making Our World Greener Challenge Award which was sponsored by the NTR Foundation.

“ We really couldn’t have gone so far or achieved so much without the help of the great people at YSI and NTR”  – Cian Fogarty, Co-Founder of Greener Globe

“NTR Foundation is sponsoring the Making Our World Greener Challege Award once again in 2015 and we thank them for all of their support.” – YSI


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