JCI Award

JCI Award



Greener Globe was recently awarded the very prestigious honour of being nominated in the Ten Outstanding Young People of the Year award for 2018. This award was designed and is run by Junior Chamber International

JCI Dublin is part of an international organisation (JCI) aimed at members aged 18-40 focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. The organisation has a strong focus on developing young leaders by involving them in the running of worthwhile projects which add to and enhance community life in Dublin.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the largest worldwide organization for young leaders and entrepreneurs, founded in the United States in 1944 by Henry Giessenbier Jr. At the time, it was an alliance of various active youth organizations looking to connect in order to address the main issues of the day- in particular active citizenship, global values and the World Wars. Since it’s foundation, JCI grew rapidly- first to Canada and the United Kingdom, then around the globe- where it has become the largest young professionals platform of the world, currently numbering over 200’000 members and aims to create positive change and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

JCI Dublin is one of the oldest chapters of this global organization here in Ireland, having been founded in 1957 with J.S. Leeson as it’s first President. The organization was historically housed in the famous Dublin Chamber of Commerce on Clare Street for the majority of its existence. 57 years onwards, JCI Dublin is a vibrant and worldly chapter still living in the spirit of JCI’s mission to “be better” and form the leaders and active citizens of our future.

Previous Irish World award winners include Caroline Casey, Joanne O’Riordan, Ciara Judge, and Harry McCann. Previous world award winners from other countries include Jackie Chan, Condoleezza Rice, Lucy Liu and Al Gore.

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