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Mission Statement of Greener Globe


Aquacica is a revolutionary LED showerhead with a timing and lighting system. Aquacica is designed to work inside a seven minute time frame. It is powered kinetically by the water flow.

Green Light

As the shower begins the LEDs turn on automatically illuminating the water green. The LEDs remain green for five minutes.



Amber Light

Following the five minutes, the LEDs change to amber for two minutes. The amber light is a “warning” period letting the user know that time is running out.


Red Light

On the 7 minute mark the LEDs will turn red indicating that the optimal duration of a shower has passed and the user should finish.
This does not stop the flow of water but allows the user to be aware that they are over the suggested time.


The Shower of the future

    • AQUACICA uses an International colour-code system:
      • Green for go, Amber for prepare to stop, Red for stop.
    • This makes the product very accessible and user-friendly.
    • Aquacica is an energy free product.
    • No battery is needed for the showerhead to work.
    • The system is powered by the kinetic energy of the water passing through.


  • Provides a relaxing & soothing showering experience.



Saving 36 litres per shower

1,008 litres a week on average

Save 52,416 litres a year

€73 a year saved

Water Charges


  • 9 litres of water wasted per minute in a shower.
  • Average shower time 11 mins.
  • Using Aquacica saves 36 litres per shower and 1,008 litres a week.
  • That’s 52,416 litres a year which costs the bill-payer €73 a year.

*based on family of four

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About Us

Our Story

Greener Globe is a business the designs and sell environmentally-friendly, innovative products. It began in September of 2013 when two students in Tullamore College in Co. Offaly created the company. The students started to realise when they began gaining traction from thousands of people at school competitions nationally, that they were on to a viable business. The business proceeded to enter the SAGE World Cup, through the YSI Foundation, to represent Ireland in Moscow. SAGE is an internationally renowned competition where students from all over the world compete in two categories; Social Enterprise Business and Social Responsible Business. The Irish Greener Globe team went on to win the SEB category and claim the world title. They are now taking part in the Trinity College Dublin Launchbox Accelerator and are selling our product internationally. Get yours today!

Cian Fogarty

Cian Fogarty


Cian is a senior freshman science student in Trinity College Dublin. He is deeply involved in the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society working on behalf of Greener Globe. He is a sporty, friendly student from Tullamore who has a passion business. He is in charge of the marketing and advertising of the business, as well as overseeing the design of Aquacica. He is 20 years old. Contact Cian on LinkedIn or at

Jack Dooley

Jack Dooley


Jack is a 20 year old Commerce student in University College Dublin. He enjoys playing sport, especially hurling, and is very interested in keeping up with the business world. Jack handles the financial and sales side to Greener Globe. He oversees the process of producing the product all the way until it reaches the consumer. Contact Jack on LinkedIn or at

Daragh Fogarty

Daragh Fogarty


Daragh hails from Ireland, and in his younger days won the Irish National Young Entrepreneurship competition with a separate company, before joining up with his younger brother Cian to do so again. In his undergraduate studies, Daragh obtained a degree in Nanoscience from Trinity College Dublin and also spent time as a visiting researcher in Materials Science at Stanford University. Currently, he works in the area of Venture Capital Analysis at the IDEA Center at Notre Dame and is a member of several new startups launched within the university. He has been involved with Greener Globe since its inception and hopes to lead the US expansion of the business.

Ross Cooke

Ross Cooke

Business Consultant

Ross is a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a masters degree in Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience growing early-stage startups as an Entrepreneurial Lead in the Notre Dame IDEA Center and specializes in the biotech and consumer goods. Ross also recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in nanoscience and in his free time, he trains as a world champion kickboxer. Ross manages strategy and expansion for Greener Globe in the US market.


Greener Globe is a business that has made it to the world stage


  • Winner of Social Enterprise at the SAGE World Cup in Moscow – August 2014
  • JCI Young Persons of the Year 2018 Nominee
  • Recipient of Presidential Reception from President Michael D. Higgins
  • Participant in Trinity College Dublin Launchbox Accelerator
  • Winner of “Best new idea” in Ireland Best Young Entrepreneur 2014
  • Winner of “Making Our World Greener” Award at YSI Showcase – sponsored by NTR Foundation
  • Winner of Senior Energy and Senior Enterprise at ECO-UNESCO Finalists
  • Winners of Best Display at BT Young Scientist 2014
  • Recipient of Civic Reception from Offaly County Council